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Our program day by day


The Valley of the Mills

We Will meet at Naples Airport. From there we will take our van and go straight to the mountain village of Agerola right in the Amalfi Coast.

This will be our entry gate to The Path of Gods. We will visit the canyon of the Ferriere Valley where the Natural Reserve houses many Fauna and Flora endemic species, we will walk around quiet paths where we will meet historic windmills and villages.

The path will take us on the Amalfi Coast where we will enjoy an Aperitivo by the sea and reach our hotel


The Lemon Path

From Maiori to Amalfi-

We will be walking on the famous lush terraced gardens cultivated with Amalfi Coast lemon trees and  typical coastal vegetation: the olive trees will make us feel completely immerged and sourrounded by nature. We will meet local farmers busy in their daily works, cozy villages like Borgo Novello and Trani. In Minori we will visit the Sal De Riso Pastry for a tasty stop along the way. Once in Amalfi we will have some free time before taking the boat to Naples and enjoying a special Pizza and a night out

About This Trip


Between Sky and Earth

Path of the Gods

From Agerola to Positano. We will have the feeling of floating between earth and sky.. The colorful landscapes will be unbelievable and the smell of lemon trees will make us feel completely kidnapped by nature.

 Once we will have reached the charming city of Positano we will have the time sunbathe on a quiet beach. 

Fom Positano we will have the chance to sail and catching the perfect glimpse of Amalfi and staring at the sun going down into the water


Welcome to Naples

Today will be dadicated to the visit of one of the most charming italian cities: Naples.
Naples is cahotic, fascinating, full of histrory and traditions. Everything in Naples has a special taste. We will walk around the city and discover all the highlights while having an unmissable slice of Pizza Fritta.

Piazza Plebiscito, a walk to the Quartieri Spagnoli and San Gregorio Armeno in the morning and then free time to wander around the city, shopping or maybe take a step into the Napoli Sotterranea. 

Naples has so much to offer!

Our adventure is over, but we are ready for the next trip together

Trip Highlights!


How about taking a walk to a place where you will never be able to spot the exact point where the sea ends and the sky begins? Where you will be asking yourself all the time if you are living in a dream and you will be taken back on earth by the delicious smell of a Pizza Napoletana, where you will feel the most authentic Italian vibes of the little villages on the Amalfi Coast


We will have the chance to explore the incredible diversity among the typical villages of the area that spreads from Cilento to Capri Island and be part of everyday life of the people living here. We will spend our days exploring habits, typical products and food, trying to learn their stories and to go back home conscious that Campania is not only Pizza and Madolino, but so much more


This trek will be the perfect destination to combine incredible landscape, nice and easy walks, tasty typical food and relax: everyday we will have some time to spend on the small hidden beaches of the Costiera. Swimming in the dark blue water is going to be a sensational choice after some hours spent walking  under the sun

First departure 08/10/2021



Project of the itinerary

English speaking and certified guide

Boat trip from Amalfi to Maiori

Boat trip from Amalfi to Naples

Overnight stays in Hotels or B&Bs (3-4 stars)

Breakfasts from day 2 to day 4

Bus from and to Airport




Food e beverage except from all the brekfasts from day 2 to day 4

Everything not mantioned in the "included" section



Daily walking hours: 4-5 (including lunch and stops)

Daily elevation gap: 300/400 mt

Trek lenght: 60km 

Luch will be a take away meal from day 2 to day 3 

We will be carrying our own backpack all day long, not heavier than 6kg


Trekking Shoes, slippers

Backpack 30lt

Waterproof jacket

Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses

T-shirts, sweatshirt, long trousers shorts, swimsuit

Food: energetic bars or similar


"Ogni Scarrafone è bello 'a mamma soja"

No Idea of what this means? Come with us and you will find it out

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