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Our program day by day


This is our Bergamo

Our first day together will be dedicated to the visit of a city wich is a jewel nestled in the mountains: Bergamo. 

We will start our tour from the city centre with a sweet Polenta from one of the oldest café in town. Then we will take the Funicolare or walk up to the charming Città Alta, we will enjoy the narrow streets and the medioeval athmosphere and stare at the amazing landscape from the walls sorrounding the city.

We will then enjoy a typical dinner and get ready for our trek


Lakes all around

Rifugio Laghi Gemelli - Rifugio Longo


After a boosting breakfast we are ready to head to the Aviasco Pass (2.350m). Colombo lake is just one among many lakes we will pass today while reaching the Rifugio Longo (2.026m). The Rifugio is a perfectly quite place to rest, but for the braver among us the Devil's Lake and the Aga Peak (2.720m) are the real goal of the day. After a stunning mountain sunset Andrea (the owner of the Rifugio) will cook for us a tasty and well deserved traditional dinner.


Glacier Vibes

Rifugio Brunone - Rifugio Curò

Today will probably be hardest and most incredible day of our jurney. We will reach the highest point of the Orobie trail: the peak of Mount Ol Simal (2.700m). Ready for skiing? Just kidding, but actually we will climb up to the glacier and be surrounded by the snow. Descending through rocky spires, we will get a glimpse of the light blue waters of the Coca Lake from above. Our day will end in Rifugio Curò (1.915m)


In the heart of the Valley

Rifugio Albani - Ardesio

During our last trekking day we will cross the famous Valzurio and get to the Baite del Moschel, one of the old pasture of the Valley. This area was the beating heart of the agricultural production of this Valley: we will have the chance to walk back in time. 

It's not yet time to say goodbye: the Asta craft  brewery is waiting for us and we will cheer to this unforgettable exprience we have lived together and to many others to come.  

About This Trip


Welcome to the Orobie

Ardesio - Rifugio Laghi Gemelli


Our adventure starts in

Ardesio (987m), where

following beutiful paths we will meet the old village of Valcanale that will lead us to the realm of the mountains. We will walk all the way up to Passo Laghi Gemelli (2.200m): the lake in front of us with its mysterious legend is the perfect spot to recover from this super hard day, even if tired we will surely jump into the blue and fresh mountain waters. Our day will end in Rifugio Laghi Gemelli (1.968m)


All the way to Brunone!

Rifugio Longo - Rifugio Brunone

Today we will walk up to one of the most iconic Rifugio of the whole trail: Rifugio Brunone (2.295m). We could be so lucky to spot some whistling marmots or a hinding ibex.

Once at the Rifugio we will have time to relax, recharge and Marco (the owner) will probably offer us an homemade liquor and explain how he produces all his delicius liquors. 

After dinner we are ready for playing cards or just enjoy the peacefull night in the mountains


Along the path

Rifugio Curò - Rifugio Albani

Ready for this long but super panoramic bit of the trail? Today we will follow the pleasant path that will lead us to Rifugio Albani. Nature around us will suddently change: this part of the valley is characterized by mooney rocks: get ready to feel like Amstrong. We climb up to the Manina Pass (1.796m) and finally reach Rifugio Albani where Sandra will be ready and proud to cook a special dinner for us.

Trip Highlights!


This is a challenging but very satisfying walk, we will be walking between 1.500m and 2.800m, where the usual flora and fauna leave space to the high mountain fenomenas. It is gonna be challenging because this is a ring path and we will climb up to 1600m gap per day: feeling tired but satisfied. We will spend our nights in five different Rifugi, usually Rifugi have shared and simple rooms without much comforts and this is part of the soul of the experience that we want to preserve.


Orobie are the beautiful and savage mountains that surround Bergamo. Savage because they are partly untouched and beautiful because..well you will tell us! 

Imagine to spend six days surrounded by savage nature. No cities or villages around, no artificial lights, no city noise, sometimes your phone won’t even work. Six days made of breathtaking landscapes (and climbs); we will walk through blue lakes and green valleys, spotting the hiding ibex, the sound of the cowbells will drive us to some drover’s camps where we will spot the cattles, while the whistling marmots will warn us that nobody else is around.

Visit Bergamo

Our Funicolare will take you up to the narrow and pebbled streets of the Upper City. Where the countless year building will drive you straight to the most iconic square of the city Piazza Vecchia where years of history and chronicles are narrated by pieces of art, people and of course by food.

You will have the chance to try tasty Casoncelli and Polenta and to get to know where the Stracciatella gelato was invented. 

First departure 26/07/2021



Project of the itinerary

English speaking and certified guide

Visit to city centre of Bergamo and the night excursion

Overnight stays in Rifugi

Breakfasts from day 2 to day 7 and dinners from day 2 to day 6 

Transferts from/to Bergamo 

Beer tasting at the Asta Brewery




English speaking and certified guide


Food for lunch or other meals except from dinner

Everything not mantioned in the "included" section



Daily walking hours: 6-8 including lunch break

Daily elevation gap: between 500 and 1600 mt

Kilometers per day: between10 and 20

Trek lenght: 100km

Luch will be take away from the Rifugio or you bring it from home

We will be carrying our own backpack all day long, not heavier than 6kg

At least 2 liters of water per day


Trekking Shoes, slippers

Backpack 30lt

Waterproof jacket

Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses

T-shirts, sweatshirt, long trousers shorts, swimsuit

Food: energetic bars or similar

Light sleeping bed and towel


"Dom che n'va"

No Idea of what this means? Come with us and you will find it out

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